Thief Class

Thief Class

The Thief, a nimble and shadowy class in RetRO Classic, thrives in the world of cunning and subterfuge. These stealthy individuals are masters of agility, covert maneuvers, and swift strikes. Thieves are renowned for their ability to move silently, disarm traps, and slip past adversaries unnoticed. With their keen senses and swift blades, Thieves navigate the world of RetRO Classic as adept scouts, treasure hunters, and opportunistic rogues, embracing the thrill of danger and the lure of ill-gotten gains.

Stats Allocation

  1. Agility (AGI): Agility is the primary stat for Thieves. It directly affects your Attack Speed, Flee rate, and evasion. Maximize AGI for increased attack speed and the ability to dodge attacks.
  2. Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity enhances your accuracy, reducing the chance of missing attacks. Some DEX can help you land hits consistently, especially if you plan to use ranged weapons.
  3. Strength (STR): Strength increases your physical attack power. Allocate some STR to deal more damage with melee attacks.
  4. Vitality (VIT): Vitality increases your Max HP and provides some survivability. While not a primary stat for Thieves, a few points in VIT can improve your durability.
  5. Luck (LUK): Luck affects critical hit rate and Perfect Dodge. Some LUK can increase your chances of landing critical hits and evading enemy attacks.

Play Strategy

  1. Stealth and Evasion: Leverage your high AGI and Flee rate to evade enemy attacks and stay alive. Thieves excel at dodging blows and escaping danger.
  2. Dual Wield: Thieves can dual-wield weapons, allowing them to deliver a rapid flurry of attacks. Equip a main-hand weapon and an off-hand weapon for maximum damage output.
  3. Hiding and Ambush: Use the “Hiding” skill to become invisible to enemies. This skill is ideal for ambushing foes or escaping dangerous situations.
  4. Backstab: Learn the “Backstab” skill to deal extra damage to enemies from behind. Sneak up on targets and strike when they least expect it.
  5. Snatch and Steal: Thieves have access to skills like “Snatch” and “Steal” to pilfer items from monsters and players. These skills can be lucrative for collecting valuable loot.
  6. Mobility: Move quickly and strategically during battles to avoid getting surrounded by enemies. Hit and run tactics can be effective.
  7. Status Infliction: Some Thief skills, such as “Envenom,” allow you to inflict status ailments on enemies, making them easier to defeat.
  8. Equipment: Prioritize gear that enhances your AGI, damage output, and critical hit rate. Weapons that provide bonuses to damage and attack speed are valuable.
  9. Party Dynamics: In a party, Thieves often serve as damage dealers and scouts. Work closely with your team to eliminate threats and provide reconnaissance.


Thieves are agile and opportunistic adventurers in RetRO Classic. With their focus on stealth, evasion, and precise strikes, they excel at ambushes and hit-and-run tactics. By maximizing AGI and DEX, Thieves become formidable melee fighters and skilled treasure hunters in the world of RetRO Classic.