Swordsman Class

Swordsman Class

The Swordsman, a stalwart and valiant class in RetRO Classic, embodies strength, valor, and combat prowess. These formidable warriors are masters of close-quarters combat, wielding a variety of melee weapons with precision and power. Swordsman adventurers are known for their unmatched physical strength, resilience, and unwavering determination to protect and conquer. With their indomitable spirit and mastery of martial skills, Swordsmen stand as the vanguard of adventure, ready to face any challenge that the world of RetRO Classic throws their way.

Stats Allocation

  1. Strength (STR): Strength is the primary stat for Swordsman. It directly affects your physical attack power and carrying capacity. Maximize STR for higher damage output.
  2. Vitality (VIT): Vitality enhances your Max HP and defense, making you more durable in combat. Allocate some points to VIT to increase survivability.
  3. Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity improves your accuracy, reducing the chance of missing attacks. It also affects your hit rate with ranged weapons. Add some DEX to ensure your attacks land.
  4. Agility (AGI): Agility boosts your Attack Speed and Flee rate. A moderate amount of AGI can help you attack more rapidly and evade enemy blows.
  5. Luck (LUK): Luck affects critical hit rate, perfect dodge, and status resistance. While not a primary stat for Swordsman, a bit of LUK can be beneficial for critical hits and dodging attacks.

Play Strategy

  1. Melee Combat Specialist: As a Swordsman, your primary role is to excel in melee combat. Wield one-handed or two-handed swords, axes, or other melee weapons to deal devastating physical damage.
  2. Tank and Frontliner: Swordsmen often take on the role of the tank in parties. Your high HP and VIT make you a great choice for absorbing enemy damage and protecting your teammates.
  3. Mobility and Positioning: Use AGI to improve your Attack Speed and movement. Position yourself strategically in battles to maximize your effectiveness.
  4. Skills and Abilities: Invest in Swordsman skills such as Bash, Magnum Break, and Provoke for offense and Taunt for drawing enemy attention. As you advance to more advanced classes, consider branching into Knight or Crusader paths for additional skills.
  5. Equipment: Prioritize gear that boosts your physical attack power, defense, and HP. Swords, armor, and shields tailored for melee combat are essential.
  6. Party Dynamics: In a party, coordinate with healers and ranged attackers. Your role is to engage enemies up close and protect your teammates. Communication is key.
  7. PvP and WoE: In player vs. player (PvP) and War of Emperium (WoE) modes, Swordsmen play a significant role as frontliners, disrupting enemy lines and creating openings for your guildmates.
  8. Leveling Strategy: Focus on leveling up in areas with melee-friendly monsters. Use skills like Bash to efficiently defeat enemies and gain experience.
  9. Master Your Weapon: Become proficient with your chosen weapon type, as different weapons have unique properties and skills associated with them.


Swordsmen are versatile and excel in both solo play and group dynamics. Your choice of specialization and weapon type may vary, but the core attributes of strength, vitality, and agility remain essential for success in the world of RetRO Classic.