Merchant Class

Merchant Class

The Merchant, a savvy and enterprising class in RetRO Classic, embodies the spirit of commerce and resourcefulness. These astute individuals are the masters of trade, capable of converting raw materials into valuable goods and amassing great wealth. Merchants are renowned for their business acumen, enabling them to negotiate the best deals and maximize profits. With their keen eye for opportunity and a trusty cart in tow, Merchants embark on a journey to carve their mark in the bustling markets and treacherous trade routes of RetRO Classic, where fortune and adventure await the shrewd entrepreneur.

Stats Allocation

  1. Strength (STR): Strength is essential for carrying goods and items. A higher STR allows you to carry more weight, which is important for a Merchant who often collects and transports items.
  2. Agility (AGI): Agility improves your Attack Speed and Flee rate. While not a primary stat, some AGI can help you evade attacks and move swiftly.
  3. Vitality (VIT): Vitality increases your Max HP and defense. A balanced amount of VIT can improve your survivability in battles and prevent being easily defeated.
  4. Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity enhances your accuracy and reduces the casting time for skills. Some DEX can be beneficial for both combat and skill usage.
  5. Intelligence (INT): Intelligence affects your Max SP pool and SP regeneration rate. While not a primary stat for a Merchant, it can help with skill usage and spellcasting.

Play Strategy

  1. Buying and Selling: Merchants excel in buying items at low prices and selling them at higher prices. Capitalize on the “Discount” and “Overcharge” skills to maximize profits while trading with NPCs.
  2. Mammonite: Learn the “Mammonite” skill, which allows you to spend zeny to deal high damage to enemies. This skill can be your primary offensive tool for leveling and farming.
  3. Cart and Weight Management: Utilize your cart effectively to carry items, loots, and merchandise. Ensure you have enough weight capacity to transport goods efficiently.
  4. Open a Shop: As you advance to the Blacksmith or Alchemist class, you gain access to the ability to open a shop and vend items to other players. This can be a lucrative way to earn zeny.
  5. Crafting: Consider crafting items or equipment using the “Forge” skill if you become a Blacksmith. Crafting can provide valuable items to sell or use.
  6. Enrich Ores: If you pursue the Blacksmith class, the “Enriched Ores” skill can be used to upgrade weapons and armor, making them more valuable.
  7. Party Support: While not a traditional combat class, Merchants can provide support in parties by buffing allies with skills like “Discount” and “Overcharge.”
  8. Use Skills Wisely: Familiarize yourself with Merchant skills and use them strategically. Some skills may be more useful in specific situations, such as bargaining with NPCs or defeating monsters.


Merchants are the entrepreneurs of RetRO Classic, and success often depends on your ability to wheel and deal, as well as your financial acumen. Whether you choose to focus on trading, crafting, or supporting a party, Merchants have the potential to amass great wealth and become influential figures in the game world.