Archer Class

Archer Class

The Archer, a sharp-eyed and skilled marksman in RetRO Classic, commands the bow and arrow with unmatched precision and grace. These ranged combat specialists are masters of long-range attacks, taking aim with their bows to strike down foes from a safe distance. Archers are renowned for their exceptional accuracy, agility, and the ability to rain down a relentless barrage of arrows upon their enemies. With their keen perception and unwavering focus, Archers embark on a journey to explore the beauty of ranged combat and become unparalleled archers in the world of RetRO Classic, where their pinpoint accuracy turns every shot into a masterpiece of devastation.

Stats Allocation

  1. Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity is the primary stat for Archers. It directly affects your accuracy, reducing the chance of missing attacks. Maximize DEX for consistent and accurate ranged attacks.
  2. Agility (AGI): Agility increases your Attack Speed and Flee rate. Allocate some AGI to improve your attack speed and agility in combat.
  3. Strength (STR): Strength enhances your physical attack power. While not a primary stat for Archers, a few points in STR can increase your damage output.
  4. Vitality (VIT): Vitality increases your Max HP and provides some survivability. While not a primary focus, a bit of VIT can improve your durability.
  5. Luck (LUK): Luck affects critical hit rate, Perfect Dodge, and status resistance. Some LUK can increase your chances of landing critical hits and evading enemy attacks.

Play Strategy

  1. Ranged Attacks: Archers excel in ranged combat. Use bows to attack enemies from a safe distance, avoiding direct melee confrontation.
  2. Doubleshot: Learn the “Double Strafe” skill to unleash two arrows at once, increasing your damage output. This skill is valuable for quickly taking down enemies.
  3. Elemental Arrows: Equip elemental arrows to exploit enemy weaknesses. For example, use Fire Arrows against foes weak to fire damage.
  4. Mobility: Stay mobile during battles to reposition yourself and maintain distance from enemies. Kite enemies by moving while continuously firing arrows.
  5. Trap Skills: As you advance to the Hunter or Bard/Dancer class, you gain access to trap skills. These skills can immobilize or damage enemies, adding utility to your playstyle.
  6. Equipment: Prioritize gear that enhances your DEX, attack power, and ranged damage. Bows and equipment that boost your critical hit rate can also be valuable.
  7. Party Dynamics: In a party, Archers serve as ranged damage dealers. Position yourself to target high-priority enemies and provide continuous ranged support to your team.
  8. PvP and WoE: In player vs. player (PvP) and War of Emperium (WoE) modes, Archers use their ranged attacks to control areas and snipe enemy players from afar.


Archers are masters of ranged combat in RetRO Classic, capable of dealing consistent and accurate damage to enemies. By focusing on DEX and AGI and utilizing their unique skills, Archers become formidable damage dealers in the world of RetRO Classic, taking down foes with precision and efficiency.