Acolyte Class

Acolyte Class

The Acolyte, a devout and spiritual class in RetRO Classic, embodies unwavering faith and devotion. These dedicated individuals serve as healers and supporters, harnessing the power of faith to mend wounds and empower their allies. With their proficiency in restorative magic and divine blessings, Acolytes play an indispensable role in the battle against darkness, offering salvation, protection, and hope to those who venture into the enchanting world of RetRO Classic.

Stats Allocation

  1. Vitality (VIT): Vitality is crucial for Acolytes, as it increases their Max HP, making them more resilient to damage. A high VIT ensures you can withstand attacks while healing your party.
  2. Intelligence (INT): Intelligence boosts the effectiveness of your healing spells and your Max SP pool. A decent INT is essential to keep your healing abilities potent and sustainable.
  3. Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity improves your cast time, reducing the delay between casting spells. A moderate DEX helps you cast healing spells quickly, ensuring timely support for your party.
  4. Agility (AGI): Agility increases your Attack Speed and Flee rate. While it’s not a primary stat for Acolytes, some AGI can improve your survivability by dodging attacks.
  5. Strength (STR) and Luck (LUK): These stats are generally less important for Acolytes. STR and LUK are often considered secondary, but you may allocate a few points if desired.

Play Strategy

  1. Healer and Supporter: Acolytes excel at healing and supporting their party members. Your primary role is to keep your team alive and in good condition during battles. Focus on healing spells like Heal, Blessing, and Increase AGI.
  2. Debuff and Status Removal: Acolytes can also remove harmful status effects from allies using skills like Cure. Be vigilant in cleansing your party of debuffs during battles.
  3. Buffing: Buff spells like Blessing and Increase AGI should be cast on your party members to enhance their combat abilities. Keep these buffs active to improve your party’s overall performance.
  4. Crowd Control: Acolytes can use Turn Undead to deal damage to undead monsters. This skill can be particularly effective in certain situations.
  5. Teleportation: As you advance to the Priest class, you gain access to Warp Portal, allowing you to create portals for easy travel within the game world. This skill can be helpful for both you and your party members.
  6. Equipment: Prioritize gear that enhances your healing abilities, such as items that increase your INT or SP regeneration. Equipments that provide increased survivability, like armor with high DEF or MDEF, are also valuable.
  7. Party Dynamics: Work closely with your party members and communicate effectively. Understand the needs of your party and adjust your healing and support accordingly.
  8. PvP and WoE: In player vs. player (PvP) and War of Emperium (WoE) modes, Acolytes can play a crucial role by providing healing and support to your guildmates while disrupting enemy strategies with debuffs and crowd control.


Remember that the Acolyte class is versatile and adaptable. As you progress to more advanced classes like Priest , you'll gain access to more powerful healing and support skills, further solidifying your role as a valuable asset to any party in the world of RetRO Classic.